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Below are the links to the audio and video files made available by our John Young shipmates.

All media and video content is property of the USS JOHN YOUNG VETERANS ASSOCIATION. Any publication or reproduction requires the written authorization of the USS JOHN YOUNG VETERANS ASSOCIATION.

Audio File 1

Reunion 2012: Shipmates Introduction

Audio Credit: Gordon Hlavenka

USS John Young Reunion 2012 -- IntroductionsArtist Name
00:00 / 23:21

Video File 1

Rescue 1981

Marc Cohen, Ernie Reichert andThao Nguyen, (the youngest of 477 refugees rescued by the USS JOHN YOUNG on the South China Sea in 1981), provides amazing perspective and insight.

Video Credit: G Lamar Wilkie

Video File 2

"In Command" 

A brief commentary of what it was like to be in command of a Naval Warship through the eyes of

Captain James McIsaac

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